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Jeep Safari In Ladakh

Jeep Saferi in Ladak  
Day 01: Delhi to Srinagar flight  
The people of Ladakh have lived for centuries in barren, inhospitable terrain. But Ladakh for travelers and Ladakh for trekkers and climbers are two different worlds. Tourists who do not like to trek, but yet interested in culture, tradition wilderness, wildlife can visit adventurous places in Ladakh, which you can explore by Jeep. They can range from an ultimate test for your 4X4-wheel drive or a gentle drive through some of the most spectacular landscapes on our planet. The best period to access these areas is from end May to September end.  
This 7 days jeep safari takes you to remote region called KHANAK. An area sparsely inhabited by semi-nomadic peoples. Their simple winter villages and tented summer encampments are the only signs of civilization you'll see on this demanding high altitude area.

RUPSHU is western fringe of the CHANTANG, a huge plateau that spreads hundreds of kilometers east across Tibet. It's a starkly beautiful region of high-altitude arid plains, gentle mountain ranges and saltwater lakes such as TSOMORIRI & TSOKAR. The inhabitants are largely pastoral nomads. During this tour you have two days of hiking at Tsokar & Tsomoriri lakes at an altitude of around 4500 mts.
Day1: Leh Hemis Rumtse.  
Day2: Rumtse Yagang.  
Day3: Yagang Dat Pangunagu.  
Day4: Hiking around Tsokar. Visit Thukje.  
Day5: Tsokar Tsomoriri.  
Day6: Tsomoriri. Hike around.  
Day7: Tsomoriri Leh.