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Chadar (Frozen River) Trek

Walking on Frozen river of Zanskar is an ultimate experience for adventure lover. The traditional name of the trek is "Chadar trek" the frozen sheet, which was only way in and out for Zanskaris in winter when all other ways are closed due to heavy snow fall at high passes.

This is a trek into some of the most isolated yet inhabited regions in the Zanskar mountains, most notably the village of Lingshed. Trekking on ice, the frozen Zanskar River, we average five to seven hours daily at an easy pace but a reasonable degree of physical fitness is needed to sustain walking for nine days during winter conditions.

The trek commences from the village of Chiling located not far from the confluence of Indus and the Zanskar River. The trek follows the river gorge through a spectacular landscape, a photographer's paradise, offering occasional sighting of wildlife. Although pleasant on clear, sunny days, the weather conditions can change abruptly, with wind temperatures known to plummet minus 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Chiling and Lingshed are the only sizeable villages on this trek, all the rest are names of places and caves along the route.
Tour Route  
Leh / Chiiling / Lingshet / Chilling / Leh  
Tour Program  
Day 01  
Delhi Leh  
Day 02  
Visit to visit to monastery / visit to Festival  
Day 03  
Leh to Chilling to Zaribago 5 hrs.  
DAY, 04  
Zaribago Deepyokma 4 hrs.  
DAY, 05  
Deepyokma Nyrakpulu 4,5 hrs.  
DAY 06  
Nyarakpulu Lingshed 1 hrs.  
DAY 07  
Lingshed Full day rest  
DAY 08  
Ligshed Nyarak pulu 5hr  
DAY 09  
Nyarakpulu Tsomopaldar 4hr  
DAY 10  
Tsomopaldar Tilatdo 5hr  
DAY 11  
Tilatdo Chiling Leh 5hr  
DAY 12  
Leh Delhi